It might be the best idea to store your patio umbrella during winter. For starters, if you leave it out in the winter, your expensive umbrella will freeze and likely break.

Storing a Patio Umbrella During Winter: Tips

1. Make sure the patio umbrella is dry before you store it. If it’s wet, your umbrella when freeze and get damaged.

2. Put the patio umbrella in a dry area of your home. For starters, your basement might be the best choice of all where you can set your umbrella away from dust, dirt and moisture.

3. The best way to store a patio umbrella during winter is to put it on a wooden or plastic stand. And what’s more, you can even stack the stands on top of each other and store them.

4. Make sure to clean the umbrella before you store them. 

5. Also adequately cover the umbrella pole. 

6. You can use a tarp, plastic sheet, carpet and blanket as an umbrella cover. Use extreme caution when moving the patio umbrella if you don’t want it to be ripped, torn or broken at all costs.

Why Should You Store the Patio Furniture in Winter?

Not only the outdoor patio umbrella, but you also need to store all the patio furniture so you can avoid any damage caused by harsh weather.

1. Mildew: A wet outdoor umbrella in the winter might cause mildew to grow on it. It will cause the color to fade, and mold might also start growing on it as well.

2. The Poles: If you leave them outside in the winter, the pole will get frozen, and it will snap like a twig. You might also need to replace the pole if it gets broken when you store them in winter.

3. The Base Area: It will get damp and dirty if you put your patio umbrella in the winter. The space underneath your patio umbrella where you sit or sit on a cushioned chair at night is where all the dirt, dust, and rain will settle and make it look dirty.

4. The Fabric: Leaving the umbrella outside in the winter will harm it, especially its material. You do not want to store an umbrella with a fading cloth that may get torn once you open it back up next season.

5. The New Look: When you store your outdoor furniture in winter, you might need to cover it in furniture oil to avoid product damage.

Closing the Patio Umbrella at Night: Tips

There are a lot of people out there who close their patio umbrellas at night. And before you go to bed, you should always close the umbrella first because it might freeze if you leave it out overnight. Also, if you leave your patio umbrella open overnight, it might be damaged by birds and other critters living in your garden or patio. The birds can make a nest in your patio umbrella, and once the nest is full, they might attack your umbrella. Therefore, you should make sure that you close your patio umbrella at night.

The Different Types of Patio Umbrellas:

There are many different patio umbrellas that you can choose from when you’re looking for the one you want. Some of the popular patio umbrellas out there include:

Table Patio Umbrella:

The table patio umbrella is the most popular out there. Most people use this kind outside on their tables because this kind is perfect for them.

Cantilever Umbrella:

Cantilever, also known as Offset patio umbrella, is not very common, but they’re still quite popular as well. This umbrella stands on one end, or you can say it stands freely on the ground. And because it stands freely, it’s not made for tables and chairs; instead, it’s for light outdoor areas like patios in parks or your backyard.

Sail Umbrella:

The sail patio umbrella is one of the most classic patio umbrellas that you can get. Although you don’t need this kind of umbrella for your home, it’s pretty popular to choose this one because of its style.

Tilting Umbrella:

Tilting patio umbrellas are perfect for the ones who need to close the umbrella at night. This kind of patio umbrella is just like a table, except it has a tilting mechanism. You can use this kind of patio umbrella just like a table, but you do have to tilt it at night so that the wind won’t blow it over.

Tiki Umbrella:

The tiki umbrella is one of the different kinds of patio umbrellas out there. Some people might not know what this kind is, and you’d think that they’re some headdress, but it’s just a patio umbrella.


The commercial patio umbrella usually costs a lot of money because of its durability. It’s a good idea to use one for outside parties or events, especially if you have a place like an outdoor patio. This kind of patio umbrella is perfect for hosting parties during the summertime, and it will protect your tables and chairs from rain and wind while still looking good as well.

Cobana Solar Led Umbrella:

This type of patio umbrella is different from the others. It’s made of 100% recyclable paper, making it super special and different from the others.

Cleaning an Outdoor Umbrella for Storage:

Umbrellas are made to be hanged, but they can become unusable if the cover is dirty. Make sure to follow these steps to clean it before storage:

Soft Cloth – When cleaning the patio umbrella, make sure that you use a very soft cloth. Don’t use a harsh fabric because it can easily tear and damage your outdoor umbrella. Also, when you’re cleaning the cover of the patio umbrella, make sure that you don’t apply too much water or any chemicals whatsoever; this will ruin it.

Soapy Water – For step two, you need to lightly spray your patio umbrella with some soapy water to make sure that all dirt, stains and dust are removed from underneath it. Also, you should make sure that you’re using mild soap when you’re cleaning your umbrella.

Clean Water – Lastly, after you’ve sprayed it with soapy water, make sure that the umbrella is no longer dirty, and then you can go ahead to clean it properly with some clean water. Ensure that all soap is washed off from underneath it before washing it off with some clean water.

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If you want to protect your patio furniture from nature’s elements, then you should buy a patio umbrella. A patio umbrella is a protective device you can use outside to shield your furniture from the sun, rain and even winds. If it’s not raining, you should leave the umbrella open and if it’s raining, close it up, and the rain will not get to your furniture. Also, when the winter comes, make sure that you store both your table and canopy in a dry place where there will be no moisture in the air.