An umbrella is a canopy designed to provide shade, ranging from small hand-held to large objects protecting several individuals from rain, snow or hail. There are different types of umbrellas and several ways to use them. Also, they are made up of various fabrics like Polyester, Nylon and Acrylic. 

Different Types of Umbrellas

1. Beach Umbrella

Beach umbrella or Sunshades provides you shade against the Sun’s rays. You can fold it quickly and carry it anywhere in a vehicle to the destined place. These umbrellas are made from polyester and have a clear canopy.

2. Folding Umbrella

The folding umbrella is a small umbrella that is portable from one place to another. These umbrellas are made up of different materials like polyester, canvas etc. Also, their design is either circular, oblong or triangular. 

3. Open Umbrella

The open umbrella is an umbrella that doesn’t have a metal rod to hold the canopy. People prefer these umbrellas during summers because they are light in weight and easy to use. These are made up of different fabrics like polyester, nylon or canvas. 

4. Telescopic Umbrella

These are umbrellas that are very large in size, collapsible and portable from one place to another. They are made up of different materials like polyester, nylon etc. To use it efficiently, one has to push the button and the rod will open automatically. 

5. Walking Umbrella

The walking umbrella is another type of umbrella that is made up of polyester. Its pull-string mechanism sets it in motion. These umbrellas are available in various designs like oval, round etc. These umbrellas are used while walking in crowded streets. They are also easy to handle while walking on wet surfaces.

6. Golf Umbrella

Golf umbrellas are made up of polyester or windproof material. These are long in size and are very compact to carry around. It has a hook that enables the person to hang the umbrella while not in use. Also, these umbrellas can be used as canopies at outdoor places or places where there is no shelter from rain or sun rays. 

7. Automatic Umbrella

Automatic umbrellas are portable and are available in various designs like round, oval etc. These umbrellas work on the principle of tilt sensors. These can be kept in handbags or bags to protect you from rain. Lastly, they are constructed from polyester or nylon.

8. Collapsible Umbrella

These are the most common type of umbrellas used nowadays. These umbrellas can be closed after use and are portable to carry around. These come in different designs like oblong, round, square, etc and are made up of polyester or nylon.

Types of Fabrics Used

It is essential to check the umbrella’s fabric before buying because it tells about the durability and amount of shade. Also, it determines the price of the umbrella. 

1. Polyester 

Polyester is used in high-end umbrellas. This fabric is light in weight and can withstand extreme weather conditions. Also, it is easy to maintain and can be cleaned easily. 

2. Nylon 

Nylon fabric is used in military-grade umbrellas. It is the toughest fabric used and can withstand any type of weather without being affected by it. Also, it is water-resistant and is available in different shades. It is also a sturdy substance that is impervious to air and water. When exposed to water, it dries quickly. Nylon umbrellas are delicate and silky to the touch. When umbrellas contact against other surfaces, there is usually no friction or abrasion. The only drawback of this cloth is that it shrinks when exposed to high levels of humidity.

3. Acrylic 

Acrylic fabric is the least preferred fabric used. It has puffy lines and is not good to use during heavy rains or heavy winds. Moreover, it is not water-resistant. 

4. Canvas 

The canvas fabric is the most preferred material for umbrellas. This fabric is light in weight and can be easily folded. It is easy to maintain and can be folded into small pieces while kept in a bag. 

5. Polyester Nylon 

This fabric is used in premium umbrellas. It is the best to use during summers and can also be used at night while walking on the streets. This fabric is lightweight and easy to fold. 

6. Cotton 

Cotton fabric is extremely light and is used in hand-held umbrellas or sunshades. However, this fabric is not water-resistant and makes the umbrella heavier during rains and storms. 

7. Plastic

The plastic umbrella falls into the fashion category. These types are made up of PVC, POC or EVA fabrics. You can customized colors and designs with this material. The PVC material is highly robust and has a high resistance to distortion. However, it tends to shrink when it becomes too hot or when it is stored. To reduce this issue, manufacturers utilize talcum powder inside the product.

POE is also a superior option and is a durable fabric. EVA, on the other hand, is translucent and considerably softer than PVC. It is a vinyl acetate and ethylene-based polymer. Softness and flexibility are among the elastomeric features of this fabric. 

8. Pongee

Pongee is a soft, unbleached Chinese fabric. It’s a black matter with a high density made up of a mixture of fibers. It is densely woven and has a cotton-like feel to it. Umbrellas made of pongee are more expensive than umbrellas made of nylon or polyester. Raindrops easily slip off without saturating the material because it is waterproof. Pongee umbrellas with a black coating provide excellent UV protection.

9. Satin

Satin umbrella is another fashion material. It possesses qualities of thickness, gleaming and shimmering. Chinese umbrellas are often made up of satin fabrics and are incredibly supple. These fabric umbrellas are tough to clean.

10. Silk

Chinese umbrellas made of silk are considered to be among the most expensive. They are stain-resistant, water-resistant and are easily washed. Silk umbrellas are also known for their anti-UV front. This type of umbrella is light in weight and easy to handle. 

Wrap Up 

Umbrellas are an essential part of our lives. The right umbrella can protect us from unexpected storms or regular rains in the rainy season. They are known for their diverse functions and are made of different materials, including polyester, nylon, satin, silk and others.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What are the benefits of walking with an umbrella?

A. An umbrella prevents drenched clothes by protecting the individual from rainwater or snowfall. Moreover, it also protects from sunlight by acting as a shade. 

Q. What is the best size of an umbrella?

A. If you want to provide adequate shade, go for an umbrella with a 7-foot handle. The cover of such umbrellas is around 40 inches. People with a height of fewer than 5 feet should buy umbrellas with handles between 4 and 5 feet. The cover of such umbrellas is around 40 inches as well. 

Q. How many years does an umbrella last? 

A. A good quality umbrella will last for a minimum of about 10 years.

Q. Does an umbrella block UV rays? 

A. Yes and no. It depends on the type of fabric used by the manufacturer and the efficacy of the material used to protect against UV rays.