It is possible to use a beach umbrella in the backyard. You can use your old beach umbrella as long as you know how to convert it into a patio umbrella.

A Beach Umbrella is a type of umbrella that provides shade on hot, sunny days. They are usually made of fabric, are large, and usually either square or rectangular.

Beach Umbrella Vs Patio Umbrella: 

1. Shape: Beach Umbrellas are usually square and rectangular, while Patio Umbrellas can sometimes be oblong.

2. Coverage: A Beach Umbrella has larger coverage than an outdoor Umbrella, especially on the sides.

3. Size: A Beach Umbrella is usually larger than an outdoor Umbrella. They are usually 50 percent larger than patio umbrellas on all sides to provide excellent coverage.

4. Weight: A Beach umbrella usually is heavier than the Patio umbrella due to its color, fabric and material used for production and manufacturing purposes.

5. Umbrella Cover: A Beach Umbrella has a fabric covering. Patio Umbrella has a material covering such as plastic material or metal.

6. Umbrella Canopy Fabric: A Beach Umbrella has an extra fabric that helps protect against UV Rays and direct sunlight exposure.

7. Frame: A Beach Umbrella is different from a Patio Umbrella because it uses a central pole similar to a tent or golf umbrella. In contrast, patio umbrellas use a supporting pole near the outer edge.

8. Wind Resistance: A Patio Umbrella is more resistant to strong winds than a Beach Umbrella due to its configuration and central support rod.

9. Sides: In most cases, a Patio Umbrella has two sides. Getting the shadow on both sides is essential in producing more shade from your patio umbrella; this is not a problem for a Beach Umbrella, as it has only one side.

10. Purpose: The purpose of the Beach Umbrella is to provide ample shade on a sunny, hot day. The purpose of a Patio Umbrella is to provide enough shade in your backyard for people to sit, eat, and relax.

11. Umbrella Pole: A Beach Umbrella has a long, wooden pole, while a Patio Umbrella has a round, thicker pole.

12. Umbrella Base: A Patio Umbrella requires a base; a Beach Umbrella does not.

How to Convert a Beach Umbrella into a Patio Umbrella: 

Steps to convert an old beach umbrella into a patio umbrella are very simple. 


1. Beach Umbrella
2. PVC Pipe
3. Planter
4. Rocks
5. Sand
6. Water

Steps Involved: 

1. Open the Beach Umbrella Bottom.

2. Cut PVC Pipe to the desired length & Cut off the bottom end of PVC Pipe with Hole in it (for the stand)

3. Attach the bottom end of PVC Pipe to Planter

4. Attach Beach Umbrella Top to Planter Stand (the hole side from beach umbrella)

5. All the excess material outside of the Beach umbrella can be chopped off, and use a sandbag or old water heater bucket to fill with rocks or sand.

6. Add sand, water and planter pot inside the PVC Pipe, so it balances out the umbrella stand

7. Close the bottom of the Beach Umbrella & Attach it with a planter Stand. 

8. Place on table or deck as desired.

9. Enjoy your Patio Umbrella 

Benefits Of Using A Beach Umbrella In Your Backyard: 

1. Beach umbrellas are very affordable. 

2. Beach umbrellas are easy to transport. Umbrellas are easy to transport because you can fold them and place them in your car or take them with you. This portability is beneficial if you go for a picnic, movie night, or other outdoor activities with friends where portable umbrellas will be convenient.

3. They are perfect for outdoor dining or sunbathing in the summer. Its lightweight and eco-friendly materials do not allow them to spoil, corrode, or rust. Beach umbrellas usually do not break when exposed to strong wind.

How to Stop Patio Umbrella From Fading?

Here are some ways to stop the patio umbrella from fading:


Patio umbrellas are usually made of paraffin-treated polyester, which is water-resistant. Color fading occurs when the surface of fabric or vinyl is exposed to direct sunlight for a very long time. Sunlight contains ultraviolet rays that fade the color of materials and vinyl, making them look dull and faded. To prevent your patio umbrella from fading, use an umbrella cover over it to protect the fabric or vinyl from direct sunlight.

-Baking Lightproof Paint:

This paint is a solution to protect your patio umbrella from fading.


To keep your patio umbrella from fading, you can stain the fabric or vinyl. There are many color options available online and in many stores like Walmart or Home Depot. Stains are applied by following the instructions of the stain manufacturers, which will give you excellent results if followed correctly.

-Uv Coating:

UV coating is just a solution that covers the surface of your patio umbrella and protects it from fading. It is a water-based coating that you can apply on your patio umbrella with the help of a paintbrush.

Best Beach Umbrellas for Conversion:

-Tommy Bahama Outdoor Striped Umbrella:

A. Tommy Bahama Outdoor Striped Umbrella is a big garden umbrella that offers you a large shaded area with 360-degree protection from the sun. The fabric used to make this beach umbrella has Sunbrella Fabric, which means it’s resistant to fade and rot and keeps its color for a long time

-Wondershade Ultimate Portable Sun Shade Umbrella:

Wondershade Ultimate Portable Sun Shade Umbrella from Best Outdoor Umbrellas is a premium quality Beach Umbrella that offers top quality and durability with its Durable Materials and Fabric. This high-end beach umbrella rolls up and provides a strong structure for windy conditions. It can be transported easily and is great for most outdoor activities, especially with your kids.

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You can use a beach umbrella in your backyard easily by following the simple steps mentioned above. You can also follow this guide to prevent the beach umbrella from fading and keep it looking nice for long. If you want your patio umbrella to last longer, then you can apply a UV coating solution or a Staining solution to your umbrella to protect it from fading. Using a patio umbrella will ensure that you have shade when you visit your backyard or garden during summer days.